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The Centre for 3D Mineral Mapping (C3DMM) sees a future in which the mining industry will routinely use 3D mineral maps derived by hyperspectral sensing to characterise prospective mineral systems with increased specificity and with reduced financial and environmental cost. Its research strategy will embrace five interlinked research programs, that focus on the establishment of 3D mineral maps of prospective Western Australian terrain, as follows:

  • Sub-surface Mineralogy: accessing capabilities determining hyperspectral signatures of drill cores and delivering seamless spectral mineralogy
  • Surface Mineralogy: accessing capabilities to deliver a seamless surface mineral map of (Western) Australia using current and future airborne and spaceborne hyperspectral systems
  • Information Systems developing methods and algorithms to generate accurate measures of mineral information, establish interfaces between different data formats, and research and build appropriate information access/delivery (i.e. web enabled) systems
  • 3D Mineral Mapping: building public 3D demostration mineral models (iron ore and Au) for input into
  • Mineral Systems: for improving knowledge about the formation, target vectors and exploitation of economic mineral deposits

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