**2010-02-17 Maarten Haest presents at the BBS Seminar run by the Centre for Exploration Targeting -

"Hyperspectral drill core mapping of the 3D mineralogy of Channel Iron Ores from the Rocklea Dome (Pilbara): geological/exploration insights"
Maarten Haest, Carsten Laukamp, Klaus Gessner and Tom Cudahy

A HyChipper was used to obtain spectral data from14 diamond drill holes and over 500 RC drill holes through a channel iron ore deposit in the Rocklea Dome. First interpretation of the spectral data shows this technique is capable of characterising zones of iron ore, both in terms of its iron ore mineralogy (hematite, goethite and their sub-types) as well as mineralogy that affects ore quality such as different clays (kaolin & Al-smectites), carbonates (calcite & dolomite) and silica. The derived mineralogy products have been validated using geochemical data and were imported in a 3D model, showing the position and the orientation of the major ore zone. These 3D mineral maps are currently being integrated with similar surface mineral maps generated from airborne hyperspectral imagery. The geometries of 3D mineralogy reveal information about geological processes valuable for exploration and mining. This project is part of the Western Australian Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping, especially as it forms the basis for the generation of one of its public, 3D “Google” geological case histories.










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