Gawler-Curnamona ASTER project

New Gawler-Curnamona ASTER geoscience products now available

Following an initial project in Queensland, a large-scale ASTER mosaic has been made for the Gawler-Curnamona region in South Australia. New methodologies and collaborative efforts have been made as part of a multi-agency project to facilitate uptake of these techniques. Calibration of ASTER data with high resolution HyMAP has been very promising, and this 12 month project comprises a new ~110 scene mosaic with 14 ASTER-derived geoscience products such as the content and composition of mineral groups like dioctahedral silicates (white mica, kaolin, Al-smectite) and trioctahedral silicates (amphibole, chlorite, epidote).

These programs, undertaken by Geoscience Australia, CSIRO, PIRSA and other state industry partners, aims to refine and standardise processing and to make them easily integrated with other datasets in a GIS.

The ASTER geoscience products available for free download. along with product comments and explanatory notes, include:

  • ASTER False colour
  • CSIRO Regolith Ratios
  • ASTER Ferric oxide content (hematite, goethite)
  • ASTER Ferrous iron content
  • ASTER Opaques (sulphides, carbon black, magnetite, Mn oxides)
  • ASTER AlOH group content (illite, muscovite, Al-smectite, kaolinite)
  • ASTER AlOH group composition (phengite red to paragonite/kaolinite blue)
  • ASTER Advanced Argillic (pyrophyllite, alunite and kaolinite)
  • ASTER Fe-OH group content (chlorite, epidote, jarosite, nontronite)
  • ASTER MgOH group content (calcite, dolomite, magnesite, chlorite, epidote, amphibole, talc, serpentine)
  • ASTER MgOH group composition (calcite, dolomite, talc, amphibole, epidote, chlorite)
  • ASTER ferrous iron content in MgOH carbonate (Fe-chlorite, actinolite, siderite, ankerite)
  • ASTER ferric iron content in MgOH carbonate (siderite, Fe Chlorite, actinolite)


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