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In February 2008, the Centre of Excellence for 3D Mineral Mapping (C3DMM) was awarded a share of almost $10 million in State Government funding as one of five new major research facilities in Western Australia.

Under the State’s Centres of Excellence in Science and Innovation program, the C3DMM received funding to strengthen research and development capabilities in the emerging area of hyperspectral sensing technologies for the resources industry of Western Australia.

C3DMM researchers are integrating surface and sub-surface mineralogy to generate 3D mineral maps (volumes) for selected test sites across Western Australia.

A key outcome of the research is the development of data processing capabilities that can handle large volumes of data and deliver high level products to the public via the web.

The main scientific challenge for C3DMM is the development of methods that enable accurate mapping of 3D mineral abundances and mineral physicochemistries, as this requires the removal of the complicating effects of vegetation and the regolith from the remote sensing data.

C3DMM researchers are working with government and industry to assess the spectral-mineralogy of sites in Western Australia, using multi-element geochemistry and available geological and geophysical data to better understand the processes of ore formation.

The work of the Centre will empower geoscientists with 3D mineral mapping capabilities to better equip them for the challenges of sustainable exploration and mining, in particular, the recognition of spectralmineralogical vectors to new mineral deposits.

It is also hoped that this Centre will be the basis for a national initiative taken up by the government geoscience agencies across Australia, leading to the development of a 3D mineral map of the Australian continent.

The Centres key partners include:

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